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3хIVF Package with PGT-A and Live Birth 80% Money Back Guarantee

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IVF treatment
A method of fertility treatment in which fertilization of the eggs takes place outside the human body in a laboratory setting with the embryo transfer into the uterine cavity.
Stages of treatment
1. Ovarian stimulation
2. Oocyte retrieval
3. In-Vitro fertilization/ICSI
4. Embryo Culture and Assessment
5. Embryo transfer
6. Pregnancy test
It is indicated in cases of
Ovarian and uterine malformations
Endocrine infertility
Sexual dysfunction
Male factor infertility
Hereditary disorders
Immunological infertility
Incompleteness or absence of fallopian tubes
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PGT-A, or preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies, is a comprehensive screening performed on embryos before transfer. This test reveals the number and structure of chromosomes (bearing genetic material) in each tested embryo.
Stages of treatment
1. Egg Fertilization. After fertilization the embryos grow in the lab for 5-6 days and become blastocysts.
2. Embryo Biopsy + Freezing. Blastocysts with good morphology are biopsied on Days 5-6.
3. Genetical tests. There are several methods for PGT-A, the most modern and reliable is next generation sequencing (NGS). It takes around two weeks to gain the results from the genetic lab for each embryo.
4. Frozen Embryo Transfer. When the genetic results are ready, and at least one euploid embryo is available based on PGT-A result, the preparation of endometrium for embryo transfer begins. On the day of transfer an embryologist thaws the chosen embryo and prepares it for transfer.
It is indicated in cases of
Recurrent Early Pregnancy Loss
Chromosomal rearrangements in karyotype of one of patients
Advanced Maternal Age
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1. Formula for success ivf
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4. The importance of PGT-A
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6. Details of the flight, hotel registration and payment methods.
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Individual approach
The more accurate information about your medical history you give us, the more accurate prognosis and more successful strategy we can offer.
When you come to us, we will be glad to meet you and will make every effort so that in the foreseeable future we achieve our mutual result — a baby in your arms.
Before the consultation, we will ask you to provide us with detailed information about your medical history, test results and journals about your previous IVF attempts. This is usually dozens of pages of valuable information!
To discuss your individual situation, calculate the number of IVF attempts with own eggs till live birth and talk about possible alternatives, such as egg donation, embryo adoption or combined packages, please book a consultation with one of our expert doctors.
We spend around 6-8 hours studying previous documentation of each new patient. This helps us turn the years of previous bad luck into your potential happy future.

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Answering the important questions

Can a baby be born with an abnormality?

This risk increases with the age of the woman, but we have a technique that helps us to know the genetics of the embryo before it attaches in the uterine cavity. Our goal is to minimize the risk of having a child with abnormalities,
so we recommend not to skip the PGT procedure during the IVF treatment

1. Write down all your questions beforehand,
so you don't forget anything at the appointment
2. Bring copies of all of your surgeries, exams and treatments
3. Trust your doctors, because they have helped thousands of babies be born

How do I prepare for my first fertility appointment?

According to the WHO, the reproductive age of a woman ends at 44 years old. It is important to consult a specialist in time to evaluate the ovarian reserve, we recommend taking care of this issue before the age of 35 to increase the probability of having a healthy baby

How old can I try?

Does IVF hurt?

What if the gynecologist says that everything is fine, but pregnancy does not occur?

Is it possible to get pregnant with menopause?

The most painful stage of IVF is a transvaginal puncture (egg collection), it takes place under general anesthesia and lasts 15-20 minutes.

If pregnancy does not occur, then you need to go to a reproductologist, who will prescribe an in-depth examination, as well as a spouse's examination.

Yes, with menopause, you can get pregnant using donor eggs

3хIVF Package with PGT-A and Live Birth 80% Money Back Guarantee
Individual treatment planning and coordination, medical and nursing care in Samara, continuation of care via phone/E-Mail on your return to home country until live birth is achieved.
Fixed discounted price of 17 900 EUR for up to 3 IVF (ICSI) cycles with PGT-A including all embryo transfers of all suitable for use blastocysts (if available), one hysteroscopy and one ERA test (if necessary) until live birth is achieved.
Fixed discounted price of 17 900 EUR for up to 3 IVF (ICSI) cycles with PGT-A
Until May 31
IVF(ICSI) cycle with PGT-A — a procedure that includes ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization of the eggs with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) or ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection to cytoplasm of an egg) method, cultivation till the blastocyst stage, biopsy and cryopreservation of blastocysts (if any available), PGT-A.
80% of the received amount will be refunded if no baby is born after transfers of all usable embryos received during 3 IVF (ICSI) cycles with PGT-A within the validity of the contract.
IVF(ICSI) cycle with PGT-A
Each IVF (ICSI) cycle with PGT-A includes:
Possible additional costs:
Live Birth 80% Money Back Guarantee
Individual stimulation plan
Medical coordination before, during and after each visit
Egg retrieval under general anesthesia
Fertilization of the retrieved eggs via IVF (ICSI if required)
Cultivation of fertilized eggs till blastocyst stage
Biopsy of blastocysts
Cryopreservation of blastocysts
PGT-A testing
Laboratory tests required by the Ministry of Health for fertility patients for the Patient and her Partner
Blastocyst transfer cycle — cycle of transfer of a suitable for use blastocyst (if any available) to the uterus, includes medical preparation from the first day of the transfer cycle, thawing of the blastocyst and the actual transfer of the blastocyst into the uterine cavity.
Blastocyst transfer cycle
Each blastocyst transfer cycle includes:
Individual treatment plan for the blastocyst transfer
Donor sperm — 750-850 EUR per IVF (ICSI) cycle
Additional hysteroscopy — 1290 EUR
Individual laboratory tests
Medical coordination before, during and after each visit
Thawing of a suitable for use blastocyst
Blastocyst transfer
Additional medical services (if necessary) such as one hysteroscopy, one ERA test, laboratory tests for the Patient and her Partner, cryopreservation and storage of the Partner's / Donor's sperm within the duration of the Contract are included.
Laboratory tests required by the Ministry of Health for fertility patients for the Patient and her Partner
You are not obligated to complete all cycles and may withdraw from the treatment between the cycles and still get a refund.
Stages of the service
Online consultation
Payment for treatment
Help with buying tickets
Help with buying tickets and hotel reservations
Online health monitoring
Treatment process
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Why patients choose us
Probability of pregnancy 85%
Quality of doctors, service and rooms
We will refund 80% of the cost if the treatment fails
Welcome to IBC
We have an international team of professionals working in the field of Regenerative medicine and Stem Cell Biotherapy, created by people with professional experience in the field of health care for more than 18 years.
Exosome-based therapeutics, advanced stem cell and PRP therapy for the treatment of Infertility are available to you in IBC!
Stem cell therapy
PRP therapy
Exosome therapy
Our team has access to the first accredited stem cell facility in Russia. Also we have our own biotech laboratory, where we are able to prepare and activate stem cells using different methods. The stem cells can be delivered from trusted donors or from the patient. We use hematopoietic cells, mesenchymal cells from different sources and endometrial cells for clinical purposes. The stem cells have ability to regulate own cells and restore lost organ functions. The safety of the cells is strictly controlled by the lab validated quality system.
We have developed intellectual Platelet Rich Plasma (iPRP) therapy. In this treatment patient`s own blood serum enriched with platelets is used. Our team reinvented classical platelet rich plasma technology to make it more efficient.
The regenerative effect of PRP lies in the high concentration of growth factors, cytokines, chemokines and other regulatory molecules found in platelet alpha granules, which have been reported to stimulate cellular anabolism, induce anti-inflammatory modulators and support fibrinogen generation, which acts as a scaffold for regenerating tissues.
PRP therapy is widely used in the treatment of thin endometrium and implantation disorders, and has already shown to be effective. 
We have developed and patented a unique method for isolating exosomes (regenerative substances) of multipotent mesenchymal Stem Cells. To date, using exosomes is the most promising direction in Regenerative medicine for regulating the functions of tissues and organs lost due to damage or disease. And we conduct our global clinical research on the use of cellular products to treat various diseases, including primary ovarian insufficiency, low ovarian reserve and thin endometrium.
At present, PRP therapy is also used for low functional ovarian reserve. The procedure involves injection of PRP into each over under ultrasound control and general sedation. The growth factors released from platelets may induce the transformation of germline stem cells into primordial follicles, thus replenishing a diminished follicle pool.
In terms of Infertility treatment these biotechnologies are used for the following conditions:
PRP therapy for low functional ovarian reserve
Infertility treatment these biotechnologies
Low ovarian reserve
Thin endometrium and implantation disorders
Hormone dysregulation
3хIVF Package with PGT-A
and Live Birth 80%
Money Back Guarantee
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